Ecobuild - NaturalZED

Ecobuild - NaturalZED

The StramitZED house uses natural materials to create an attractive, spacious, comfortable and warm home. The house meets the latest Lifetime Homes and London Housing Design Guide standards, and its blend of materials and technologies creates the potential to run the house at a net no energy cost.

Heat and energy generating
Solar photovoltaic and thermal panels generate electricity and hot water to meet almost all household needs. Surplus electricity from hot days is sold to the national grid under a Feed In Tariff agreement to offset energy costs on cold days.

Natural heating and air control
The internal environment is managed using self-regulating materials and adjustable controls. Unwanted heat and air leaks have been eradicated by using highly efficient thermal insulation and airtight barriers, whilst terracotta floor tiles and vaulted ceiling bricks provide thermal mass that evens out temperature fluctuations from day to night and summer to winter. The heat recovery ventilation system ensures that indoor air is fresh.

Low energy consumption
Natural heating significantly reduces the need to use electricity, gas or oil to heat the home. In winter months, a wood pellet burner delivers the extra heat required for air and water.
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